June 1, 2008

My first app on App Engine

I attended the conference named 'Google I/O'. It was a very exciting event for an engineer like me. I attended many sessions that were, in most cases, related to Google App Engine.

Google App Engine is a web platform where we can run our web application programs on Google's infrastructure. In my opinion, that could be the biggest paradigm shift this decade.

In those sessions, I learned many techniques about how to build applications on Google App Engine, so I finally wrote up my first application on App Engine called 'InterNovel'. The URL is below.


In this application, there are novels. Each novel has its own state. The state is one of the following three: 1. Accepting fragments. 2. Votes. 3. Complete.

1. Accepting fragments
When the novel is in this state, everyone can post a continuous fragment. If the number of posted fragments reaches a particular count (that the owner of the novel decided beforehand), the state will change to 2.

2. Votes
When the novel is in Votes state, everyone can vote on their favorite fragments among the candidates. If the total number of the votes reaches a particular count (this number is also editable by the owner), the state will change to 1 or 3.

3. Complete
If the number of iterations between states 1 and 2 reaches a particular number, the completion comes. The state will never change from this time.

Well, that's all about this application. Isn't it interesting?

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Ian Lewis said...

お疲れ様でした!! 本当に楽しかった!! ちょくちょくブログを書いていますね!