June 15, 2007

My codes were accepted!

My codes (provisioning API client in python) were accepted with praise :) I'm very glad.

But this is just a start. I will write more open source codes.

I hope that members of our company would write more open source codes, and submit it to the project. Actually, there are very few members who submit their codes to the outside world. It is so lamentable.

Because our company declare that we are 'Open Source Company', so I think that more members should write open source codes.

Happy coding,

June 9, 2007

Medical check, Voice trainning, MacOS9, and pretty 3 cats

As I wrote yesterday, I and my wife had took complete medical checkup. I hate drinking barium, and rectum check.

Then I went to train my voice, and after that I went to my uncle's place to fix his computer troubles. There I met 3 cats which he feeds.

June 7, 2007

First post

I had finished to write Google Apps Provisioning API V2 client codes in python. I wish they will take it in the main tree. I have some confidence about that.

I am writing tgsso too. What is tgsso? Tgsso is TurboGears Google Single Sign On. It's a little web application which enables you to authenticate Google Apps users by PAM. Its outline is almost done, but there are many things to do.

By the way, tomorrow I and my wife will have complete medical checkup. I hope we both are in good health. So, we are banned from eating or drinking anything after 9pm. Sigh...

Let's sleep early.