May 14, 2009

Using Werkzeug's debugger on GAE dev server

There is a very good web framework called Werkzeug. The debugger of Werkzeug is pretty nice and we can use inline console on our web browser with it.

The author of Werkzeug wrote an article of how to use this debugger with GAE dev server. However according this article, the inline console is not usable.

After a little struggling, finally I can use the debugger on GAE dev server. GAE dev server creates an instance of DebuggedApplication on every request. I think its the reason why. So, it seems that specifying the instance as the module global singleton made it work.

_debugged_app = None
app = ... build your wsgi app ...

def main():
# Only run the debugger in development.
import os, sys
if 'SERVER_SOFTWARE' in os.environ and os.environ['SERVER_SOFTWARE'].startswith('Dev'):
# use our debug.utils with Jinja2 templates
import debug.utils
sys.modules['werkzeug.debug.utils'] = debug.utils

# don't use inspect.getsourcefile because the imp module is empty
import inspect
inspect.getsourcefile = inspect.getfile

# wrap the application
from werkzeug import DebuggedApplication
global _debugged_app
if _debugged_app is None:
_debugged_app = app = DebuggedApplication(app, evalex=True)
app = _debugged_app

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